About Us

Tynings Lane Church is one of 4 Church of England worship centres which make up the ecclesiatical parish of Aldridge. We are part of the Anglican Diocese of Lichfield.

We believe in the saving mercy of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, knowing Him as our Lord, our friend, our strength. We long to see others come to know Him too and seek to serve the community in His name.

We love welcoming new people to the church so whether you’re ‘just looking’ at the Christian faith or ready to ask some deeper questions, the doors are open for you to come and join us on this adventure with God.

There are various groups and activities throughout the week – see the other pages on this site or get in touch.

As well as the activities, there’s also various areas of service for people to get involved in – music ministry, pastoral visiting, refreshments rota, gardening and countless others. Have a word with the churchwardens if you are interested in helping.

We hope you find Tynings Lane Church to be a place where you can develop a very special relationship with God – and become part of a loving community.