A child is a precious gift and we'd love to celebrate with you as we welcome you and your family to St Giles the Abbot Church in Cheadle. 

In baptism, your child becomes part of the church family, as well as your own. Being a parent isn't always easy and we'd love to help and encourage you - not just for the christening day itself but as your child grows and as we make a journey of faith together. 

We are always glad to meet with families and the best way we would like to do that is to welcome you to a Sunday Service. Services are held at St Giles the Abbot, Cheadle at 10:30am each Sunday, but you would also be most welcome at St Chad's, Freehay where the service starts at 9:00am. 

You will find a link below to the Baptism Policy for the Parish and we look forward to exploring your child's baptism with you further when we meet you at a service and select a date for your baptism celebration. 

Baptism marks the start of a child's amazing faith journey though life. You can find out more here including a handy step by step guide of exactly what happens and a useful link to send to your godparents. 

Christenings_at_Cheadle_with_Freehay_Policy, PDF