About Us

St Thomas' is a friendly welcoming church whose desire is to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our community. You can be assured of a warm welcome and great coffee! Our Sunday congregations average between 20-30 adults which means that we can maintain a family atmosphere. 

OUR SERVICES: are a balance of traditional and contemporary music and the liturgy is taken from Common Worship. All songs and Bible readings are displayed on a large screen which allows us to sing out our praises to God. The second and fourth Sundays in every month are services of Holy Communion, the first Sunday is a shorter Communion service and the third Sunday is a family friendly Communion service. During this vacancy the services are liable to change.

We often use a variety of interactive ways to enhance our worship and prayer; these are always optional and never forced upon people, although we have found that most people find such activities helpful. 

CHILDREN: at the moment we do not have a formal Sunday School in operation.  We do have an area where children can draw and play and percussion instruments that are often employed and enjoyed by all the congregation, but this is closed off during the pandemic. We never mind a bit of noise-children are as important as adults at St Thomas'. Covid19 restrictions are in place at the moment.

<span style="font-size: 1rem;">There is an online prayer group.</span>

We are a DEMENTIA FRIENDLY CHURCH: this means that we take extra care to ensure that people living with dementia, and their carers, are given special consideration. Most of our congregation have been trained as 'dementia friends'.

HEARING LOSS AWARENESS: We also are very aware of the problems encountered by those of us who live with partial hearing, therefore a hearing loop system is always used during our church services. Switch your hearing aid to the loop setting if you have one to access the system.

SIGHT LOSS AWARENESS: We have a number of aids available to help those with reduced vison. These are available for those affected to borrow for the duration of a service only, then being returned to the storage basket on your way out after cleansing them with a disinfectant wipe (made available). 

CHURCHYARD: our churchyard is closed and maintained by Newcastle Borough Council. However we have a Garden of Remembrance and also a conservation area which we are in the process of developing to become a space which can be used more widely by the community. If you like outdoors and gardening then we would love you to join us!