About Us

                                                                                 JESUS IS GOOD NEWS

George's is one of several Anglican parishes that serve the town of Shrewsbury.  The church is built on high ground in Frankwell, at the junction of Drinkwater Street and St George’s Street. 

The Frankwell area is one of Shrewsbury’s oldest suburbs.  With its location by the river, and on the road to Wales, it grew up as a port and a trading location.  Originally constructed across the river [and outside of the walled Borough of Shrewsbury] it was therefore beyond the town’s jurisdiction.  The name Frankwell is possibly derived from Frankville – which means a town of free.

At St George's you truly may expect a warm welcome and a message [sermon] that absolutely points to Jesus our Saviour, Lord and King.

The church building has no steps into or within it so is completely accessible.