About Us

Gratwich is a small hamlet approximately 5 miles from Uttoxeter.

Blink and you will miss us - we are on a road to somewhere, a shortcut from the A518 to Fradswell or Leigh for many people who travel through once or twice a day.

In Gratwich there are 23 houses of which 10 are farmhouses/farm cottages and the rest are occupied by lovely people who live here because it is the best place to be.  It is mainly a farming area of dairy/beef/sheep and a few pigs, goats and hens.

Our total population of about 65 ranges from tots to teenagers and Togs to Senior Togs!  We are too small for a pub or shops but what we do have is our Church of St. Mary the Virgin.

St. Mary's is a 17th century building and been renovated and modernised ever since.  It is small but beautiful, right in the centre of the village and seats 70 (or 85 if you squash people up).  It is the most important building in Gratwich as it is where we all meet to worship, chat and have social events

At present the PCC are busy raising funds to complete a series of improvements to St. Mary's.

The first of which was a new nave floor, followed by complete rewiring of the lighting and new heaters in March 2022, next the mains water was connected in September 2022 and the interior of St. Mary's was redecorated January 2023.  An eco-toilet was installed December 2023 in The Croft next to the existing Churchyard bringing the facilities up to date.  It will make a huge difference when events are held at St. Mary's and save the need to hire a Port-a-Loo each time.  The last task is to install a small kitchen area at the back of the church, which is at the planning stage at the moment.

There is also a Defibrillator in the porch, kindly funded and installed by Kingstone Parish Council.

We meet for worship regularly twice a month (2nd Sunday a.m. and 4th Sunday p.m.) and for special services and events at other times during the year.