About Us

Welcome to St. Philip's Church

We are a hospitable, friendly and welcoming community church. We are bible-based, mission-orientated, and eager to help people grow spiritually in their walk with Christ. We welcome people of all nationalities and backgrounds. We see ourselves as a church of prayer for all nations.

St. Philip's is a church that enables, empowers and encourages all member ministry, so that every member of the church community can feel valued in what they can offer. As a church we value the gifts, expertise and potential that people bring, and would like to encourage them to utilise those gifts in building up the body of Christ.

We are an urban parish close to both the town centre of West Bromwich, and also the main A41 bypass.

We appreciate the young people in our community and the talents they have, and would like to help them reach their full potential as our future leaders, and resource them accordingly.

Come and Enjoy St. Philip's Church.