Church of England Diocese of Lichfield West Bromwich All Saints with Saint Mary Magdalene and Saint Philip

Christmas services

23 Dec 2020, 2 a.m.


A Happy and Holy Christmas everyone. We are writing to let you know the arrangements for Christmas. Due to the small numbers of people at St Mary Magdalene and St Philip’s over the past few weeks, the attending congregations have decided that all services at All Saints will be available to parishioners from St Mary Magdalene and St Philip’s.

These are the times of the services at All Saints:

Sunday 20<sup>th</sup> December 6.30pm Carol Service

Christmas Eve 3.30pm Crib Service

Christmas Eve 5.00pm Eucharist

Christmas Eve 7.00pm Carol Service

Christmas Eve 9.00pm Midnight Mass

There is a cap of 50 at all Services. If you wish to attend the Crib Service, Carol Services or Midnight Mass at 9pm, please ring Mother Jane on 0121 588 5157.

Christmas Day 8.00am Prayer Book Eucharist

Christmas Day 9.30am Eucharist Preacher The Archdeacon

Christmas Day 11.30am Eucharist

St Stephen’s Day 26<sup>th</sup> December 10.30am Eucharist

At the Carol Services our choir will sing all the carols.

On a final note, from time to time, we hear rumours that St Philip’s is closed or closing. It is not. Unless you hear it from Mother Jane, it is not happening. The only time we will close is when ordered to by the Diocese or Government due to a National Lockdown or Local Lockdown. I hope that puts your minds at rest and please refute any claims in the community. It could harm our church in terms of people coming to us generally but also specifically for things like weddings.

Thank you very much.

With Prayers and Blessings

Mother Jane