SAFEGUARDING adults and children

Everyone is a unique, holy and inherently loved child of God. At our Mid Trent Churches we take seriously our Christian and statutory duty to do all we can to safeguard those within our influence and care.

Safeguarding Policy   St Peter’s Gayton

The Parochial Church Council of St Peters Gayton will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of the children, young people and vulnerable adults for whom it bears responsibility.

1 Jane Rock is our approved Safeguarding Co-ordinator for the calendar year and she is the point of contact through which concerns about child protection will be channelled.

2. She is responsible to the PCC for ensuring that these procedures are implemented.

3. The PCC will work towards adopting the recommendations of the House of Bishops as published in the Policy for Safeguarding Children Protecting All God’s Children (2010) and Promoting a Safe Church (2006)

4. The PCC will ensure full compliance with Health and Safety Guidelines.

5. The PCC is directly responsible for the following groups which include children and young people:

None at Present

6. The following groups who hire the Church Hall will satisfy the PCC that they have a Safeguarding policy, if they do not have their own policy, the PCC will present their own Safeguarding policy for group to adopt and implement.

None at Present

7. Validation: Leaders must be aged 18 or over working with children and young people, under 18s may assist with leadership roles but must be supervised at all times.

Not applicable at Present

8. Only suitable and responsible people may become key holder’s, references will be taken up in accordance with the Safer Recruitment policy and they will be required to complete the Lichfield Diocese Declaration. Access and Usage of Church Buildings will be monitored as far as is reasonably possible.

9. Completed declaration forms and references will be confidential to and securely held by the Incumbent or, in the event of a vacancy, by the Rural Dean or Archdeacon.

10. The PCC will use the Disclosure & Barring Service for checking leaders’ criminal records where appropriate. This will be organised by Rev Vivienne Starkie, Mid Trent Churches Safeguarding Lead. This will be done via the Safeguarding Office, St Mary’s House, The Close, Lichfield. WS13 7LD

11. The PCC requires groups listed in 5 to provide, in writing, at least the following:

· A list of its current leaders and details of their roles, provision for training and support

· When and where the group meets, its normal working pattern and the age range it covers.

Not Applicable at Present

12. The PCC require groups that are working with children and young people:

· To agree clear roles for leaders

· Set up structures to train and support their leaders in their roles

· Agree statements of working practice.

Not Applicable at Present

13. The PCC will provide leaders and those working in Safeguarding access to guidance and training in the understanding of child/vulnerable adult abuse.

14. The PCC will issue clear guidelines for avoiding situations where children or young people could be in danger.

15. The PCC will publish on the notice boards at the back of the church and in the Church Hall, a copy of the Diocesan Safe Guarding Flow Chart (available on the Diocesan website) In addition, all validated leaders and key holders will be given a copy.

16. The PCC will carry public liability insurance and will insure all leaders and staff for personal accident.

17. The PCC will implement a plan to monitor annually that the procedures are being followed.

18. The PCC will make a copy of this policy and its procedures available, if requested, at The Archdeacon’s visitation.

19. This Policy and its procedures will be monitored by the Safeguarding Co-ordinator who will report to the PCC annually.

20. The Mid Trent Team Safeguarding Lead is Rev Vivienne Starkie email:[email protected]

21. The PCC will review the policy and its procedures annually in the month of March