Wisdom and Learning An All Age reflection with craft activity

Gavin Knight, the Vicar, writes:

This title is taken from the heading of the July prayer intentions (available daily on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/stmichaelssummertown/). Each month the intentions strike a particular theme and it is apt that we should focus upon the area of wisdom and learning at a time that schools close for the summer holidays and the long University holidays continue. We have time to reflect a little about how the pandemic has affected students - young and old. We should also think how Christian teaching may enable us to learn from past mistakes so that we may practice wisdom and seek out people and places of wise counsel.

Jesus comes to us as a teacher: "Jesus simply offers himself as the model to follow. He alone is the way to God. Follow him and we will find God."  It is this teaching, this modelling, that we are most concerned about today. How can we model Christ in a way that is authentic and real? How can we continue to desire to be attentive to our teacher so that we can find the mystery which is God?

Many of us are able to remember one teacher in our lives who was able to make a difference. It might have been at infant school or perhaps at University but through their words and actions something came alive in us. The same, and more - much more, is to be said of Jesus. There was something about his wisdom and learning that turned heads and fed minds and lightened the soul. When he first opened the scriptures as a teenage boy in the synagogue and read from the scroll verses from the prophet Isaiah, there was something in his understanding of the text which brought new meaning. 

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