Virtual Church Tours

After 800 years this church is more than just bricks and mortar it is contains stories about the life and actions of the real people who have lived and worshipped here. Within its walls there are stories or a real live Dick Whittington; one of Henry VIII's sister in laws; an associate of Guy Fawkes and a World war one Victoria Cross winning hero and of darkly comical, at he time nationally notorious 'Candle Scandal'.

Yet these stones do not always easily give up their stories, and sometimes a little help is needed to see the stories, and to find the secrets on hidden in plain view.  Do not fear, even if you come alone with the simple use of your smart phone and the QR codes placed around the church you can be be accompanied on the way by your very own resident expert, the  amazing '<span style="font-size: 1rem;">Virtual Alan'.</span>

He can be summed to your assistance during your visit by simply scanning your phone on the various markers around the Church.