Church of England Diocese of Oxford Cold Ash

Clergy Contacts in the Team

12 Jan 2021, 12:15 a.m.
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Just get in contact with them using the details below and they will arrange something with you. Whether you just need a chat, have a spiritual question, or need a sounding board during these strange times they are happy to help. 

 Team Rector: The Revd. Wayne Lautenbach  07825 502309  [email protected] 

 Team Vicar: The Revd. Sue Webster  628333  [email protected] 

 Associate Clergy: The Revd. Clive Jones  579409  [email protected] 

 Associate Clergy: The Revd. Dr Simon Thorn  07714194591  [email protected] 

Licensed Lay Minister: Mrs Wendy Willoughby-Paul  201705  [email protected] 

 Licensed Lay Minister: Mrs Cathy Hawkins  578480  [email protected] 

 Licensed Lay Minister: Mrs Margaret Fisher  200350  [email protected]