Community Library / Bookswap

Cold Ash: St Mark’s Church Community Library

The books should be in acceptable condition. We would welcome the following:

· Fiction – fantasy, romance, thriller, mystery, bestsellers

· Non-fiction – biographies, politics, history, travel, business, self-help, craft, general knowledge books

· Children – young readers, picture books, young adult books, comics

Books with damage such as torn or missing pages, writing, or scribbling, water or food damage will not be accepted.

Types of literature we do not accept: magazines, academic books, brochures, pamphlets. This is due to lack of demand.

Please leave any donated books in the quarantine box as we have been advised that books should be quarantined for 72 hours upon return to the library. The amount of infectious virus on any contaminated surface is likely to have decreased significantly after this time.

Please enjoy your library

St Marks PCC