About Us

St Augustine’s probably dates from the 12th century, with lovely rustic carvings on the arcade pillars, an octagonal font and a Crusader-foot lectern. In the chancel is a 14th century piscina. The nave roof has 15th century beams and king-posts.
In the Perpendicular tower, a rare and wonderful faceless clock dated 1525 has been wound daily for nearly 500 years. It still keeps good time, and strikes quarters and hours. Every three hours a tunewheel (added in the 17th century) plays a hymn on the bells. The tower has a ring of six bells, the oldest of which is pre-Reformation.
The Tudor Eyston Chapel is the old resting place of the recusant Eyston family who trace their ancestry back to St Thomas More and still live in Hendred House. The pulpit is Jacobean, installed to commemorate King Charles 1.
The church has been updated and maintained as a place of worship through the centuries, with considerable changes in 1861, but it remains a haven of peace and inspiration.