About Us


“One Church at worship: three buildings for worship”

The 'Valley Parish' of East Dean, Singleton, & West Dean is in the upper Lavant valley, 6 miles north of Chichester.  The parish was created on 1st December 2005, by the merger of the three ancient parishes, which had shared incumbents for 40 years.  The Reverend Sarah Manouch was appointed House for Duty Incumbent in 2020. Her Parish days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and she is not available on Thursdays.

All Saints East Dean is a small, simple church building, built in stone and flint, in a beautiful Downland setting, in the midst of fields.  The churchyard is remains in use, and is carefully mowed in a traditional manner to preserve the wide variety of plants and insects to be found in long-undisturbed South Downs grassland.

The church contains the parish War Memorials for the 1st and 2nd World Wars.  Some of the floor is paved with old gravestones removed from the churchyard.