Did you know...

Just a walk along the seawall toward the cliffs is a cove where Ashes to Ashes by David Bowie was filmed.

In the same cove Kaiser Chiefs filmed "This is My Life" video, check it out on You Tube.

If you walk out toward the sea when the tide is out you will see the old trees of the petrified forest when we were joined with France.

Pett Level is the end of the Napoleonic Military Canal that starts in Hythe, Kent and you walk along its length, the first stop being Winchelsea.

On the other side of the road from the church you can cross over a bridge and turn right through a gate onto the Pett Preservation land.  You can walk up Toot Rock to the top to see the WWII observation post.  Please be mindful of sheep and keep dogs on a leash.

The Big White House (there are two as you walk along the sea wall, it is the one of the right) was featured in the first series of Grand Designs.

The oldest buildings are the coast guard cottages and the Rocket House, now St Nicholas.  The other houses build around the same time were Boulder Cottage, the White House and the Boat House, all near the public toilets.

The large castle-like house near the cliffs was built in the 1930s, prior to that there was a road that went up to the top of the cliffs with houses and a scout camp on the slope.

If you have three hours and are aware of the tides (start as the tide is going out to give you plenty of time - tide tables are on the bulletin board in the church porch) you can walk to Hastings.  But beware of the crumbling cliffs - do not walk or picnic directly under them.