Church of England Diocese of Norwich Ringland

Thought for the week – 19th July 2020

18 Jul 2020, 9:20 p.m.

“the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father”.                              Matthew 13 : 43

Bible reading: Matthew 13 : 24 – 30, 36 - 43

Thought for the week

Amongst the many ‘unseen heroes’ of the past few months have been the staff and the children of our local schools. The teachers have had to be massively creative and dedicated in ensuring each child has had provision for their learning and also their well - being, whether at school or at home.

There have been so many challenges, including rapidly effecting Government directives, providing for the children of key – workers so they can carry out their essential roles, supporting children who are in transition phases of their education, and also helping those youngsters who have worked towards exams for years that have not now taken place.

In our Gospel reading Jesus speaks of the good seed being threatened by weeds and all the dangers that the world can present to healthy and God – given growth. I believe it is so important we give thanks to the Lord for the teaching staff, for His protection and guiding of them, and for the Lord’s blessing on the amazing children and youngsters in our community who carry so much potential and are so precious to Jesus. Please pray for them over the summer, that they will know the Lord is with them and loves them.

Rev Paul