St Peter’s Annual report for 2021

The St Peter’s Annual report for 2021 is attached.

The document includes the minutes and  reports to the 2022 Annual Parochial Church Meeting which was held at 11:30am on Saturday 21st May 2022.

A few words, below, from Rev Paul to set the context for the report.

Despite the many challenges and difficulties of 2021, including the subsiding of the Pandemic and reopening of  ‘in- person’ services and activities, the life of the church in Ringland continues and the Lord has opened new doors and opportunities.

St Peter’s continues to have a large number of visitors, both specifically to come and see the spectacular church building, and also passing through the village.

We are constantly trying to do what we can with limited resources to encourage people to feel welcome in the space, to sit and pray, and for visitors to become pilgrims.

Another breakthrough has been the connection of St Peter’s to the internet through the Wispire equipment in the tower. This has meant there are now livestreamed services from St Peter’s.

We continue to be optimistic at all that the Lord has in store for the church in Ringland both now and for the immediate future, and for the life and ministry for years to come.

st_Peters_annual_report_for_2021, PDF