Church of England Diocese of Norwich Ringland

Praying Together w/c 28th February

27 Feb 2021, 9 p.m.
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St Edmund’s and St Peter's Church Prayer Hub

As we pray this week and bring the concerns of our hearts to God let’s remind ourselves of the call to rejoice in the Lord. We can rejoice because we belong to God and to each other. We can rejoice because whatever we are going through God is present. As we enter prayer this week, whatever is on our hearts God is present and God loves us.

You may like to use these suggestions for prayer this week:

Sunday: We rejoice today in God’s unfailing love.

Monday: For schools as they prepare to get ready to come back together nest week.

Tuesday: For our government and the scientists as they guide us through the lifting of lockdown.

Wednesday: For the nations needing support with supplies of vaccines.

Thursday: For Paul and the ministry team as they seek God’s leading over these coming months.

Friday: For ourselves, that we, both individually and as God’s people in Taverham and Ringland, may, Take up our cross and follow Jesus.’

Saturday: Pray for our worship tomorrow.

Please join us at 8am each day on Facebook for our Bitesized Prayer. Also, you may like to pause each day at 12pm with Christians all around the world who pray the Lord’s Prayer at their 12pm!! This is an ancient practice that unites us wherever we are in our unity in Christ.

Attached is a sheet of the above in case you prefer to print a copy for reference