Church of England Diocese of Leicester Sapcote

Trinity Sunday with Rev Mick

7 Jun 2020, 9 a.m.
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Trinity Sunday, 7 June 2020

On this Trinity Sunday, my message is that God communicates overflowing LOVE. God,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit are in perfect loving harmony and communicating love that

overflows to our world.

We all know how important good communication is, and how painful poor communication

can be. During the Lockdown it has been much harder to communicate well with people

outside our household. I have been phoning, emailing, You-tubing, writing, even

Zooming, but I’m convinced that these are only a poor substitute for face-to-face meeting

when it comes to communication. The joy of recent mini family reunions following

lockdown easements is a great example of this.

Communication is important to God. That is why God sent Jesus, Son of God, to

communicate with us. God could have sent a letter, a bunch of flowers, a card, a phone

call, a text ……….. but God chose to send a person, Jesus Christ. Jesus shows us the

depth of God’s love, and the good news is that Jesus brings us back into communication

with God. Faith in Jesus removes the barrier to God and means we can experience God’s

love, pray to God and worship God.

God also speaks to the Christian community today through Jesus’ words and actions. In

Matthew 28, sometimes called the Great Commission, we hear the call to the first

disciples, and to all future disciples, to bring God’s message of love to the ends of the

earth. For this to happen there has to be a co-operation between Jesus’ disciples and God,

the Holy Trinity. This loving partnership has flourished for over twenty centuries and

continues today. Jesus promises that we will know His presence, by the Holy Spirit, as we

spread God’s love today.

This Great Commission is something that we do together as the Christian Community.

Therefore, we look forward to more face to face meetings to help one another to bring

God’s love afresh to those around us. We look forward to the return of some form of

public worship, baptism, communion – even with the necessity of social distancing.

At the same time we recognise that we are in the middle of a communication revolution in

our world with more and more online channels. There have never been so may different

possible ways to communicate with people! So let us ask God to help us to develop the

best possible ways to communicate the love of God in 2020 and beyond.

Now that some lockdown restrictions have been eased, I have a question for all of us,

myself included. “Is there someone we might be able to meet up with, either outside or in

a garden, to show that we care about them?”

And God, the Holy Trinity, who communicates overflowing love is with us as we

communicate God’s love in what we say and do.

Rev Mick Norman Rector