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1 Jan 2021, 7 a.m.

It is amazing where an idea can go when it is God inspired. When Rachel heard what was going on at her daughter's school in Warks. she thought this can happen here in Sapcote. The idea was to provide for families or individuals for the two days of Christmas with food, fun and presents. She shared her thoughts with others and they readily came on board. This quickly became a community project involving the two churches in the village, the village primary school, the parish council, local support groups and the regional Co-Op.

Through some sensitive enquiries eventually 18 individuals and families (63 people in total) were identified. 

Packing day was the Saturday before Christmas. On this day box wrappers and box fillers assembled. Fresh vegetables and home-made cakes were delivered on the day joining tinned goods (from the local foodbank), already wrapped presents supplied by individual villagers and crackers, chocolates and vouchers from the Regional Co-Op. Looking at it in the packing factory (All Saints Church Hall) one of the team Di said, " We have been overwhelmed by donations and have received everything needed in abundance, and more! God's provision is incredible!"

The parcels all got packed up correctly over 5hrs on the Saturday and were all safely delivered to the waiting recipients over the next two days. "It was very humbling seeing the delight & excitement in children's eyes and the gratitude expressed by the adults as I turned up with boxes" said Jim, one of the delivery drivers.

Our prayers were that those receiving parcels would feel and experience the love and support of the Sapcote community and especially that they would feel God's love, comfort, joy and hope at Christmas. The initial response gave us hope that this might be so.