About Us

St Luke's Camberwell in North Peckham has a beautiful church building and community in the parish that stretches along Peckham Road near the library along to Southampton Way in the East.  On the appointment of a new Priest-in-Charge, the Church is focused on growth and renewal, and has an active community involved in the local community. The Church is of the modern Catholic Anglican tradition.   The Church is very much open to weddings, funerals and baptisms particularly for those who live in the parish.  

The Church also has a modern Church Hall, available for hire for events and functions.  If you are interested in exploring a potential booking, please phone  01372 457651 or email: [email protected]

The Church Office is open every Wednesday 10.30am to 3.30pm, all enquiries please call 020 7701 3468 or email [email protected] or walk into the Church Hall Office

The Church Team includes: 

Revd Sandra Schloss, Vicar

Revd Collins Durueke, Associate Priest

Revd Joanne Lewis - Curate

,Yemi Ojumu  Assistant Church Warden, Mother's Union Branch Leader & Southwark Pastoral Auxilliary(SPA)

Norman Phillips, Church Warden

Grace Kareem Church Warden

Elsa Marshall, Parish administrator

Ayo Ojumu, Sunday Children's Church Leader

Catherine Johnson, Organist

If you would like to make an inquiry for a potential wedding, baptism confirmation or funeral, please email here

If you are looking for a great church to get married in, then we have the perfect church for you and a great hall for receptions.  For more information on this please send an email [email protected]