Baptism, Marriage, Illness and Bereavement in Woldingham


We welcome all enquiries for baptism at any age. It is important that families or those who wish to be baptised live in the parish of Woldingham or have a real link with the village. In the first instance, please telephone the Rectory on 01883 652192.


If you would like to get married in church and at least one of you has a connection with the parish, please call the Rectory on 01883 652192.

Illness and/or Bereavement

In the event of someone very ill or having died, please contact the Rectory on 01883 652192.

Pastoral Care

We try to respond pastorally to any need in the parish of Woldingham, so please do feel free to contact us on 01883 652192.

The Revd Dr Catherine Dowland-Pillinger
The Rectory
Station Road