Munch with Music - March 2024

The next Munch with Music will be held in the church on 6th March 2024 featuring Sophie Ehling on the cello and Yuri Inoshita on the piano.

You are invited to bring your own ‘Munch’.

Admission is free, donations are welcome.

Coffee, tea and biscuits from 12:15pm, with the performance starting at 12:45pm and lasting about 45 minutes.

Previous Munch with Music

Charlotte Kennedy (soprano) and Frasier Hickland (piano) - Munch with Music December 2023

Dominic Felts (bass baritone) and Pietro Lacopini (piano) - Munch with Music November 2023

John Woodhouse plays St John's (Caterham) church organ

Andrew Carrido plays Mozart, Debussy and Chopin

INDIG+O excerpts from Munch with Music

Double Duos return to Caterham

Minah Lee plays pieces composed by Beethhoven and Chopin

Caterham School musicians Munch with Music

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