About the church buildings

In 2020 our church reached the last 16 of 'Best Modern UK Church' in a competition on Social media.

Architect: Ralph Covell
Listing: grade II listed

The church was built in 1968 and is linked to a large community centre. Access to both parts of the buildings is from the Bromley Road (A21), and there is extensive car parking at the rear of the site.

The church buildings themselves comprise an octagonal church (with a splendid range of vestries and other ancillary rooms) and an pentagonal Lady Chapel. A main feature of both structures is an exposed reinforced concrete frame, which over the church is carried up to form a corona, and over the chapel, a spirelet with a single bell. The main wall below roof level is in facing bricks with grey flint bricks as the general interior finish to the church and chapel. The church has seven spans of magnificent dalles de verre glazing, each consisting of 11 lights, by T Carter Shapland.