Church of England Diocese of Chelmsford St. Edmund, Chingford

Weddings & Christenings

<ul> <li>Baptism (Christening)</li> <li>Marriage (Wedding)</li> </ul>

The church is open on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. for wedding and christening enquiries. Christening enquiries may also be made by contacting our Pastoral Assistant (Pauline Setchfield) on 020 8524 4386 or via the Church's email [email protected].

British citizens resident in England have the right to (1) be  christened, (2) get married (subject to certain legal restrictions), and (3) have a funeral service in their local parish church.


Baptism (or christening) is the reception of a person into the Church of God. A person may be baptised at any stage of his or her life. The Church of England allows for the baptism of infants. A person however can only be baptised once. (Those who have been baptised may explore the option of Confirmation, in which they affirm for themselves the faith into which they were baptised.)

To be baptised, the person or (if a child) the parents should normally live within the parish or be enrolled on the Church Electoral Roll. In the case of a child, both parents should consent to the baptism.

A Service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child is available to parents who wish to give thanks but who do not wish their child to be baptised.


Couples can get married at St Edmund's if either of you live within the parish. (You can check the roads in the parish here.) We will need evidence of your address, in the form of a utility bill addressed in your name.

If you do not live in the parish, you can get married at St Edmund's by enrolling on the Church Electoral Roll. Before enrolment, you will need to have attended Sunday services on a regular basis for at least six months.

Alternatively, you may marry at St Edmund's if one or other of you (1) was baptised here, (2) was confirmed here, (3) had at any time your place of residence in the parish for at least six months, (4) had at any time habitually attended public worship here for at least six months; or if (5) a parent of that person has at any time during that person’s life had their usual place of residence in the parish for at least six months, or habitually attended public worship here for at least six months, or (6) a parent or grandparent was married here.

If you are unable to satisfy the legal requirement to marry at St Edmund's, you may apply for an Archbishop of Canterbury's Special Licence if you have a genuine connection with the church.

If you have been previously married, you will need to present your decree absolute.

If one or other of you are not a British or EEA (EU) citizen, you will need to obtain a Superintendent Registrar's Certificate to marry. You may obtain this from your local Register Office. (Waltham Forest Register Office is at 106 Grove Road, Walthamstow, London E17 9BY; telephone 020 8496 3000.)

Under UK law, a couple may marry if both are 16 years or older and free to marry (that is they are single, widowed or divorced, or were in a civil partnership which has been dissolved). Those aged 16 or 17 need to have parental consent. Those who are related to each other as parent and child, uncle/aunt and nephew/niece, brother and sister, or grandparent and grandchild may not marry each other. (These restrictions include adoptive parents/children, half-siblings and the children of half-siblings.)

Church weddings may only be conducted between the hours of 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.

Currently, Church of England churches are not licensed as approved premises for the registration of civil partnerships. Similarly, the Marriages (Same Sex Couples) Act 2013 does not currently permit the Church of England to conduct same-sex marriages.

Special prayers, or a Service of Prayer and Dedication, are available to all couples (both same-sex or different-sex couples), who wish to dedicate to God their lives together, after a civil marriage ceremony.


<strong>Wedding Fees (<em>with effect from 1 January 2019</em>)</strong>

£30 - Publication of Banns

£14 - Certificate of Banns (<em>if required</em>)

£455 - Marriage Service, includes administrative costs and expenses, and lighting costs

£4.00 - Marriage certificate (<em>at time of registration, if required; subsequently, £10</em>)


These figures do not include any charges for extras such as heating, the services of a verger, music (e.g. organist, choir), bells, and flowers.