Church of England Diocese of Chelmsford East Springfield

I'm New ...

Welcome to Church of Our Saviour!

Here are the answers to a few questions you might have, but if you have more, please message us directly on Facebook or call our phone number. We'd love to hear from you!

Why is the front of the Church boarded up?

In August 2018 there was an accidental electrical fire in our church building that has meant we are currently unable to use the main hall. Thankfully the Annexe was undamaged, so we continue to meet together to worship on Sunday mornings.

How do I get in?

Face the Church building with your back to the carpark,  you should see some blue signs that lead around to the left of the building. Follow them and in between the building & the vicarage, there is a door which leads around the back to where the Annexe entrance is. 

Is the Church accessible for people with disabilities? 

The Annexe is wheelchair accessible with a disabled toilet and we have a hearing aid loop for those with difficulty hearing. 

We strive to be accessible to everyone, so please let us know what else we can do to make the Church a welcoming space for you!

What time should I arrive?

Our Sunday services start at 10 am, so come along a few minutes earlier to get settled before it starts. But don’t worry if you’re late! Our door is always open, and someone will help you find a seat.

Where should I sit?

Anywhere you like! If you’re not sure, one of our stewards will help you find a space.

Will anyone talk to me?

Yes! We make a big effort to welcome everyone to our church, please stay and have a drink and a chat with us at the end of the service.

I don't know any of the words to the songs ...

Please don't worry! We sing a mix of hymns and contemporary songs, and you may not recognise some (or any) of the songs. The words will be written down on a piece of paper - you may be given this on your way in or it may be on your seat already. If not, the person next to you will be happy to share! If you aren't sure of the tune, feel free to hum along until you get the hang of it, or if you prefer you can just listen quietly to the words. 

What is Communion and what should I do?

Holy Communion is the way Christian's remember and celebrate what Jesus Christ did for us on the Cross. 

We share bread and wine, just as Jesus did with his disciples the night before he died. Anyone who has been baptised as a believer or been confirmed can take Communion.

Don’t worry if you aren't baptised/confirmed - you can still take part! Follow the queue of people (the stewards will tell you when) up to the front of the Church and keep your hands folded together, and the Minister will give you a blessing instead.

If you have trouble with your mobility or are feeling unwell, but would still like to take Communion. Please say something to our Stewards either before the service or as they pass down the centre aisle during Communion. The Minister will come to you instead. Please don't feel embarrassed as it is our pleasure to help you take Communion.

It's also perfectly ok if you'd prefer not to join in with Communion. Please feel free to stay seated.

I have children, I’m worried they’ll make too much noise!

We have many families in our congregation, and we love to see and hear children in our services! In Church, we always have a small creche area at the front with a few toys and books available. You are also welcome to bring your own toys with you.

Once a month we have a more informal service called Activate which is for everyone from 0-100!

On other Sundays morning services, your children (and yourself) are welcome to join us in 'Adventurers' our group for children aged 3-13. We all start Church together and then part way, the children will go outside with their leaders to the Portakabin where they have fun exploring the Bible and their faith in different ways including dance, craft, discussion and more!

If your child is under 3 you are still very welcome to join us in Adventurers! We just ask that you accompany them.

Can someone pray for me?

Yes, we'd love to. Towards the end of every service, 2 members of our prayer ministry team will be sitting at the back of the church, ready to pray with you. You can tell the ministry team as much or as little as you like (it’s all confidential), and they will pray with you.

Am I expected to put anything in the offering bag/plate?

Towards the end of the service, the Minister might say that the 'offering' or 'offertory song' is coming up. As everyone sings you will see a bag or plate being passed around to give our members the opportunity to give a financial gift. Don't panic - you don't have to give anything unless you want to.

Sometimes the offering is for a particular charity or cause, but generally, it is to help run and maintain our church building and to provide ministry to our community. 

We are very grateful for any contribution that you’d like to make, but there is no pressure to do so.

I’ve got a lot of questions about God, faith, Christianity... I’m not sure about it all.

That’s fine, we all have questions and it helps to talk about it. It’s a natural part of being human! Speak to one of the stewards or the Minister at the end of the service, and they’ll be happy to chat with you or arrange a home visit. 

You can always come to Coffee Shack our coffee morning that runs most Tuesdays from 9.30am until noon. Or please feel free to come along to one of our informal and friendly house groups that run during the week.