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​​We are committed to Safeguarding children and young people and vulnerable adults.

The PCC has adopted the Church of England's policies and best practice on safeguarding which may be found on the Church of England's website:

Church of England Safeguarding

or on the Safeguarding pages of the Chelmsford Diocese:


Details of our Parish Safeguarding Representative can be found on the noticeboard in church. Our Parish Safeguarding Representative Jenny Clifford can be contacted at St Nicholas Church on 01708 454221


Attending St Nicholas Church COVID 19 and Keeping Safe The current situation means that it is now safe to open the church for public worship. A risk assessment has been undertaken in accordance with Government guidance. Before you decide to attend please read this guide carefully to ensure you are making an informed choice to attend. 

 1. Please do not attend if you or someone you live with are very vulnerable. All services will continue to be live streamed on YouTube, Facebook and A Church Near You.

 2. If you attend you will need to wear a face covering. You will also need to register your attendance using the NHS Track and Trace app or give us your contact details. If you are unable to do one or other of these please access our online services. 

3. There is a maximum capacity of 55 in the church. To ensure households are at least 1 metre apart you will be directed where to sit. There are also laminated signs and red and white tape showing where you may not sit. 

4. You will need to sanitize your hands using the alcohol wash provided as you enter and leave. If you are unable to use this method please advise us as soon as you arrive. 

5. Once seated please remain in your seat. There are currently no toilet facilities available. When it is appropriate to move you will be informed by a sides-person. 

6. There is a one way system to follow. This is marked on the floor with yellow stickers. The stickers are 1 metre apart to allow you to maintain the correct social distance. 

 7. Doors and windows may be open so the building could be cooler than usual. 

8. Anything you need to read to take part will be projected on screen. On the rare occasion you are handed a service sheet this is for your personal use only. Please take it home with you. There is no singing during services at the moment but some recorded music is played. 

9. There will be no procession and ministers will remain in the sanctuary as all movement must be kept to a minimum. 

10. Families with younger children are very welcome. There are tables available where a family can sit together. Please bring any toys, books or other materials you may need with you from home. 

11. During a Communion Service a plastic screen will shield you from the Priest if you come to the communion rail. You will receive the host (wafer) on a spoon into your hand. The spoon will be changed if it touches someone’s hand. We cannot share the cup at this time. You may also come for a blessing but there will be no laying on of hands or other physical contact. When returning to your seat please follow the one way system. 

12. You will be reminded of how to keep safe at the appropriate point of the service by the person leading the service. If you forget what to do please do not be offended if someone directs you. 

13. You will enter the church through the main door on Woodcote Avenue and leave the church from a different door to the one you entered, the accessible exit also on Woodcote Avenue. Please remember to leave the church immediately the service has finished and sanitize your hands on entry and exit. We understand it is good to meet people you may not have seen but please do not congregate on entry or exit making social distancing difficult. Please also do not pass items between yourselves. 

 14. Please contact us if you are considering a baptism, marriage or funeral service at St Nicholas. We can then discuss the different conditions that may apply to each service with you. 

15. Please consider carefully if returning to church is the right thing for you and those you live with. We very much look forward to seeing those who can join us but value those who join us online in exactly the same way.

If you have any queries or concerns please contact us. Revd Amanda Keighley 01708 474639 (v3-Agreed – 16th March 2021

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St. Nicholas Church is open for public worship, Please take time to read the Risk Assessment on the Homepage.
The service will continue to be streamed via Facebook and YouTube
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