St Barnabas Eltham

St Barnabas Church Eltham is located in the district known as Well Hall in London SE9. The church is a landmark building on the A205 South Circular Road on the way to and from Woolwich, close to the A2.


Our worship services are generally quite relaxed and informal. We focus on the celebration of Holy Communion but the reading and study of scripture, and therefore preaching and teaching, is regarded as important at StB. Our music is a mixture of modern and traditional. Our services are liturgical but with a light touch, and the clergy are robed for services. 

All our services continue to be subject to strict infection control measures to keep you as safe and comfortable as we possibly can in this situation. 


Our services are lively and led by a worship band made up of up to five musicians. The group is led by Maureen and we have two singers, and an electro-acoustic style.  We mix traditional hymns with music from an organ with modern music. There is an accent on preaching at St Barnabas. We try to involve children in the worship and in the music.  

Each week we enjoy a cup of coffee or tea after the service served at the rear of the church.

We also hold a weekly bible study on Wednesdays at 1.30pm. From the Spring to the Autumn this is held in the church as part of an open church, but in the winter months it is held in the vicarage next door.


The church is now on social media in two ways. We have a group on Facebook called 'St Barnabas Church Eltham'. Just search for that and it will take you to our page. You may also wish to follow the vicar on Twitter @VicarStBEltham. 


At St Barnabas we take very seriously the whole issue of safeguarding. Our two Safeguarding Officers are Lynne and Maureen, who can be reached 24/7 via email (cookmml@aol) or by phone (0208 856 8294), or you can reach the diocesan safeguarding contacts (0207 939 9400).

Get in touch

Revd Stephen Cook

St Barnabas Vicarage, 449 Rochester Way, London, SE9 6PH

What's on

Bible Study

Every Wednesday at for 1 hour, 30 mins
St Barnabas Eltham
Rochester Way Eltham London, SE9 6PH, United Kingdom

This is our weekly bible study. Between the Spring and the Autumn it is held in church as part of our regular Wednesday afternoon open church session. During the winter it is held in the vicarage next door at 449 Rochester Way SE9 6PH. The bible study generally works through topics of interest, and those who come along are most welcome to suggest ideas or questions to address. It is simple, fun and friendly lasting about 90 minutes, before people go off to do school runs and such like. The meeting concludes with ten minutes of prayer.


An online art club for anyone to join and participate in art as a response to the lockdown.

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