Covid 19 Update - when our church is open and how we are covid secure

Coronavirus updated 20th December 2022

In acordance with guidance and advice from the Government and the Church of England via our Diocese we continue to  work to make All Saints church Covid 19 safe.  We are now in the phase 'Living with Covid'.

All our pews are available and there is no longer any requirement to book. 

Private Prayer

All Saints church is open Monday to Friday 9am -4pm.  Our votive candlestand and Icon of the Trinity are in the High Altar sanctuary.  Please feel free to leave prayer requests. Rev Lynn is happy to receive any prayer requests.

Public Worship–Wednesday 9.15am & Sunday 10.15am

Our Wednesday Said service of Holy Communion is in our Lady Chapel.

Our Sunday morning service of Holy Communion is in church. We have restored the Common Cup, anyone who does not wish to drink from the chalice is free to receive the bread only. It is still receiving our Lord. 

Service booklets and reading sheets are available in church.

A link to a pdf copy of our Covid-19 Risk Assessment can be found at the bottom of this page - this has been reviewed and updated to reflect 'Living with Covid'.

For information on Baptisms, weddings and funerals, please contact Rev Lynn Billin    [email protected]   07816140385

For further information, please see the Church of England website

Please pray – here is a prayer written by the Dean of Southwark Cathedral

Loving God, source of healing and comfort, fill us with your grace, that the sick may be made whole, that those who care for us may be strengthened, that the anxious may be calmed, and those most vulnerable be protected in the power of Spirit in the faith of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

COVID_19_Parish_Risk_Assessment_-opening_the_church_Livin_dlnbVA1, PDF