About Us

St. John's Church has stood in the centre of Stratford since 1834. It's a landmark in East London, standing in the heart of Stratford. St. John's is a real part of the local community. It's the place where local people have come for baptisms, weddings and funerals for generations. It's a link with Stratford's past and very much part of Stratford's present. It provides space for community meetings, concerts and an open door for people who just want some peace and quiet in a busy town.

St. John's is, of course, much more than a building. It is the spiritual home of hundreds of local people, of all ages, races and backgrounds, many of whom are very involved in the community. We welcome the regeneration that is taking place in Stratford and looks forward to the future. We are a Church which wants to be part of the good things happening in Stratford and which prays daily for God's blessing on Stratford.