Additional Information

Weekday Activities
We offer a range of weekday activities aimed at deepening the Christian faith of our members and helping new members to understand the faith and build a closer relationship with God. These are an excellent opportunity to meet others and become involved in the life of the community and you are assured of a very warm welcome.

Afternoon Bible & Book Study - Monthly
1.30pm on the 3rd Monday of the month.

Evening Bible Study - 8.00pm on 1st & 3rd Monday & Tuesday of the month
All are welcome at these groups. Details of times and venues for these meetings may be found in the Parish Magazine, but please email for further details.

Events and Excursions
Numerous events take place throughout the year, including a Harvest Lunch or evening event, Christmas and summer choir concerts. A parish open-air service and fete usually take place in June of each year, although these have been suspended for 2014 due to redevelopment of the vicarage and the interegnum. These are widely publicised via the Parish Magazine, notice boards, ’Village Voice’ and ’Village News.

The church organizes a minimum of three excursions each year, including outings to places of interest such as cathedrals, historic homes and gardens and to London Theatres. Details of these may be found in the Parish Magazine. These trips are open to all in the parish, subject to availability of places

The parish has a large choir which sings at least once each month at one or both of our churches and is always keen to recruit new members.

Bell Ringers
Our bell ringers at St. Andrew’s welcome all those interested in joining their team.

Flower Arranging
At both churches we are fortunate in having skilled and dedicated flower arrangers who help to augment the beauty of our places of worship. Those wishing to join our flower arranging teams are invited to contact our clergy.

Uniformed Organizations
The following organizations for young people flourish within our parish, meeting in either the Church Hall or the Scout Hut in Buckland Road:

Rainbows - Ages 5 – 7

Beavers – Ages 5 - 7
Brownies - Ages 7 - 10
Cubs - Ages 8 - 11
Guides - Ages 10 - 14
Scouts - Ages 11 - 15

Further information may be obtained from either of the clergy.

Other Social Activities
There are numerous social activities centred around the Village Hall in Waterhouse Lane, Kingswood and the Church Hall in Buckland Road, Lower Kingswood. Details can be found in ‘The Village Voice’, delivered to every home in Kingswood four times per year, and ‘Village News’ for Lower Kingswood, which is delivered to all homes in the village or can be obtained from the Post Office in Buckland Road.

The Church Hall
The Church Hall in Buckland Road, Lower Kingswood is an excellent and well equipped venue, providing accommodation for a wide range of groups, activities and private functions. The hall enjoys a high level of usage and may be booked at the following tariff for 2014:

Weekdays - £10.00 per hour
Weekends until 6.00pm - £13.00 per hour
Weekends after 6.00pm - £17.00 per hour

The Parish Magazine
Containing a monthly calendar of events, parish news, thought provoking articles and details of activities and excursions planned for the future, the Parish Magazine is available via email from [email protected]

Friends of the Parish
The Friends of the Parish Scheme has been set up for those who may wish to make a financial contribution to support us in the maintenance of our beautiful churches.

For further information about the Friends of the Parish Scheme contact the Rev’d Arthur Bowyer.