About Us

Early Norman with later additions up to the 15th century, this little church stands as it has for 900 years between the two hamlets of Broughton and Elslack. Rather cold in winter, on a fine summer's evening with the curlews calling and the huge beech trees rustling in the breeze it is a wonderful place.  There are two fine but damaged medieval statues of Mary and Child, rediscovered and replaced in the 19th century; a set of three bells in the tower; the family pew of the Tempest family who still live in the big house.
The Rogation service with procession and the candlelit Carol Service are the two biggest of the year in this tiny rural parish that had more inhabitants 200 years ago than it does now. It is a fine place for weddings, and was charmingly 'reviewed' by Alan Bennett in his diaries.

For details of the regular and special services, please go to the parish website.