About Us

<div>We try, in the name of Christ, to be a welcoming and inclusive Church. We hope that everyone will find in the St John's community a place of healing, peace and restoration regardless of their age, race, marital status, gender identity or sexual orientation.</div>

We also try to be a Parish Church to the community of east Worcester Park, Malden Manor and New Malden up to the A3. We are available to anyone in the parish regardless of their religion. We have an open baptism policy; we marry people who have been divorced; we are ready to be of service when someone has died, either conducting the funeral or giving pastoral care.

Our worship is colourful and draws on both traditional and contemporary aspects of catholic liturgy. Our theology is liberal and seeks to be radical.

For more information see our website at https://stjohnsoldmalden.org.uk/

Registered charity no. 1145155