About the music and choir at St Mary's

The Choir has been at the heart of worship at St Mary's for generations; our records show that a choir similar to the modern-day one has existed at St Mary's for over 150 years - probably longer.

The modern Choir, which numbers around 25, is made up of adult volunteers (both men and women) who sing the alto, tenor and bass lines, and treble choristers (aged 7 and up). Many of our gentlemen in the back row sung at St Mary's as trebles, and we are proud of our heritage and tradition. It is the aim of the parish to support all those who contribute to music in worship and preserve it for generations to come.

As well as supporting worship at home, the Choir regularly performs in concert and visits.

<strong>Choir Practices:</strong>

<strong>Fridays:</strong> Trebles 6.00 - 7.45pm; Back row: 8.00 - 9.00pm

<strong>Sunday Eucharist:</strong> including practice, 8.45 - 10.30am

<strong>Sunday Evensong:</strong> including practice, 5.30 - 7.30pm   

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<strong>How do I join?</strong>
If you are interested in choir membership please contact Director of Music Helen Smee at [email protected]

More details on the choir website - http://www.stmarysmertonchoir.com/