Church of England Diocese of Birmingham St. Anne, West Heath


All inquiries regarding Hire of either hall should be made via email;

[email protected]


Church Hall: Situated on Alvechurch Road, it is the original building erected when St Anne’s was founded in 1900.

Linked to the Sanctuary via an entrance lobby, kitchen and toilet area, it will comfortably seat 100 people and has the added

bonus of a raised Stage  area.

As part of our ‘Shining Light Project’ the Hall has recently been  refurbished and a new kitchen installed with a second

serving hatch opening into the corridor, making it more accessible to the Church.

George Goodger Hall: A smaller hall built on the corner of the car park behind the church, the GGH is ideal for  groups of up to 20

people. Facilities include toilets, a kitchen area equipped with fridge freezer and  tea  making  items.