Our Church School

Our Church School is St Luke's Halsall Primary School, which is a Voluntary Aided primary.  This means that the church has a number of places on the Governing Body and is involved in decisions at every level of school life.  Our Chair of Governors, Mrs. Lesley Deninson, is a member of the PCC, which helps to keep school matters a regular part of the PCC discussions.  Our vicar, Amanda Bruce, is also regularly involved in the life of the school, especially alongside Year 6, and a team from the church take Monday Collective Worship on a weekly basis, with this time being devoted to the telling of a Bible story.  The Church buys a bible for each member of the school, both as they arrive in Reception and then as they move into year 3, and again as they leave to move to year 7 and their new secondary school.

Admissions to the school are always helped by an involvement in the church.  We will support applications to the school for those families that are involved in the life and worship of the church on a regular fortnightly basis for at least a year prior to the admission form submission date, so 18 months before the child would arrive in school.  Please ask for and complete the relevant form from the school office, and then return that form to the school as you submit the main application form (it does not need signing by the vicar at this point - that will be done after the submission date).

Please see the school website for more details and to arrange a visit: https://www.stlukeshalsall.co.uk