Church of England Diocese of St.Albans St. Peter Bushey Heath

From the diary

From the diary

Wednesday 5th May, 10.00am Mass (MU Corporate)

Thursday 6th May, 9.30am Mass

Friday 7th May, 7.00pm Mass

Sunday 9th May, Fifth Sunday after Easter (no Family Service)

Tuesday 11th May, 9.30am Mass

Wednesday 12th May, 10.00am Mass

The Ascension of the Lord

Thursday 13 May

8.00pm Mass (Book of Common Prayer)

Friday 14th May, 7.00pm Mass (St. Matthias, Apostle)

Sunday 16th May, Sunday after Ascension Day

Tuesday 18th May, 9.30am Mass

Holy Hour for the May Devotion with exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Tuesday 18th May, 8.00pm

Wednesday 19th May, 10.00am Mass (St. Dunstan, Archbishop)

Thursday 20th May, 9.30am Mass

Friday 21st May, 7.00pm Mass

Sunday 23th May, Whit Sunday

Tuesday 25th May, 9.30am Mass

Wednesday 26th May, 10.00am Mass (St. Augustine, Archbishop)

Thursday 27th May, 9.30am Mass (Venerable Bede)

Friday 28th May, 7.00pm Mass (St. Lanfranc, Archbishop)

Sunday 30th May, Trinity Sunday