COVID Status

The following information summarises how national regulations1 that have effect from 17th May 2021 affect various church-related activities. All places in England are moved into Step 3 from that date. The principal changes from Step 2 are: • People can now attend public worship in church as part of a group of 6 (as well as alone or as part of a household group). • Outdoor public worship can take place without any total cap on numbers as long as people stay within groups of not more than 30. • Weddings can now be attended by up to 30 people. • Funerals no longer have a specific cap on numbers (but there is guidance on capacity and keeping churches COVID-secure that needs to be taken into account). • Up to 30 people can attend support groups and parent and child groups (with children under 5 not being counted). • Concerts and plays and heritage visiting can resume in churches (subject to requirements and guidance on keeping venues COVID-secure). 

Specific at the moment for services 

St Lawrence's Church Steppingley A polite reminder of our COVID compliance procedures whilst visiting our wonderful village church Services are held each Sunday at 11:15 am.

 - Masks to be worn before entering the church with exceptions for those with conditions exempting the wearing of face covering/masks. 

- Track and Trace forms are available inside the entrance 

- A QR code sheet is available for those with the NHS QR code app on their mobile phones.

 - Hand sanitiser are also available for use, again on the table inside the entrance. 

- Prayer/hymn books are available for individual use with ziplock bags for protection. 

- Social distancing is practiced throughout the service including communion. We welcome you to our church with your safety foremost in our thoughts.

The current version will always be available to download from the Church of England website via the Coronavirus FAQs page.