About Us

Welcome to the Parish of the Holy Cross in Marsh Farm, Luton.

If you live on Marsh Farm, or its immediate surroundings then this is your Parish Church. We are located in the middle of the estate, next door to the medical centre. Our Church is accessed via Buckle Close. The Parish stretches from the northern boundary of the estate to Bramingham Road in the South; from Bramingham Wood in the east to the high rise flats in the west as well as a row of houses on the north side of Bramingahm Road which run down to the Three Horses Roundabout.

Holy Cross is firmly rooted in the Anglo-Catholic tradition and our worship is centered on the centrality of the Eucharist, and the presence of Christ in the Sacraments. We uphold and teach the Faith as given to us by Christ and handed down through the ages. We are part of the Diocese of St. Albans and the deanery of Luton. 

The parish is under the episcopal oversight of the Bishop of Richborough and is staffed by a priest of the Society of the Holy Cross.  

For Parish and Pastoral enquiries, please contact our Parish Priest:

Father Richard Brown SSC  07867 494688

For Hall Bookings please telephone Mr Michael Kelly 01582 598442