About Us

We are a rural church serving a small rural community and therefore our services are designed to cater for the needs of the whole community. So whatever tradition or form of worship you are used to we trust that you will feel comfortable worshiping with us. More details

The present-day church was built by the monks of Lenton Priory between 1220 and 1240, but just why they decided to build such a large church for a small community is open to debate. Medieval churches were built to the glory of God and this was achieved by spending all available money, with no regard to the size of the local population. This then could be the explanation, although it is possible that the monks intended to build a satellite monastery but never completed the project. The fact that the church was built with a central tower lends added credence to this suggestion. Relatively few medieval churches have a central tower and those that do, were not primarily built for parish use. The scale of the internal arches at the central crossing and the fine external stonework at the west end, also suggest that the church was destined for a greater purpose.
Whatever the explanation, the Lenton monks built what is regarded as one of the finest Early English Gothic buildings in the region