About Us

Family Communion (Held on the 1st Sunday of the month at 11.00am)   Every first Sunday we have a family communion service. This service is a shorter, simpler and more relaxed service than our Standard Holy Communion Services.   Holy Communion (Held on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month at 11.00am).
At our regular Holy Communion services we use the liturgy of the Church of England’s Common Worship Service book.
A mixture of traditional hymns and familiar words in the service makes this a service that welcomes both the regular worshipper and the enquirer.
  You will receive a warm welcome as you enter the church and there will always be someone willing to assist you through the service.   Anyone who has received Holy Communion within their own churches is welcome to come to the altar rail and receive alongside our regular church family.
  If you do not receive communion then you are welcome to come up for a blessing.
  At the end of the service we encourage you to stay for tea or coffee and a chat   5th Sunday Services   All the churches in our benefice are blessed by having a good working relationship and sharing fellowship with the other Christian churches in the area.   At Stondon we share our 5th Sunday services with the members of the Baptist Church.   The venue for 5th Sunday services alternates between the church buildings. If you wish to join us on a 5th Sunday it is best to phone first to check the time and venue for the service   Baptisms   Every person who lives in the parish is entitled to be baptised in All Saints Church. (Those who dont live in the village but have a pastoral connection to it may with permission also be baptised here).   This tradition has been part of church life since the start of the parish system.   The Church of England feels Baptism to be such an importance to family life that it rules there should never be a fee for baptism..   We are proud to know that we have offered this important service to generations of village families   Weddings   A wedding in the family parish church is something that many brides still dream of.   To be married in the same place that parents, grandparents and other relatives were married in makes the service seem even more special.   Anyone living in the parish and those with a pastoral connection are entitled to be married at All Saints.   There are legal fees charged for these services which are required by the Church of England   Funerals   As well as the happier times in family life we are also there to offer families a chance to remember their loved ones to say their final farewells at a funeral service.   As with weddings, there are legal fees charged which are required by the Church of England