Stories of faith

This page tells some of the stories of how people in our churches were first met by God or how he has worked in their lives at different times. Some will be anonymous, for various reasons, and some will simply have a first name. Enjoy our stories!

Rita’s story...

At school aged 8 I read a story which contained a short prayer, it was the only one that I knew then and it sustained me for many years. I attended church in my teens, there I heard that I should open my heart to Jesus and invite Him in, but I didn't know how. The years passed and I attended church intermittently, depending on the demands of a growing family. Always at the back of my mind were those words and I knew that there was something missing in my life. At 14 my daughter decided to be confirmed, which made me think that confirmation could possibly help me, so I went for it the next year, as the service was approaching I became desperate, what if I didn't find the answer that I was seeking, I even thought that it would be better to pull out rather than face the prospect of still being lost, but I had gone too far to back out. I shook as I stood in church and made the responses, then the Bishop laid his hand on me and said " I confirm your servant with thy Holy Spirit" and HE DID. The service ended and we went for refreshments but now I felt totally different, a weight had been lifted, I was so elated that I felt as if I was floating on air. The Lord had lifted me out of the depths and filled me to the brim with His Holy Spirit, that was 45 years ago and I can testify that God continues to lift me up whenever problems arise. A born again Christian isn't exempt from problems, however, I know that He is always with me and I never need to feel alone again.