About Us

We are a small faithful group of Christians worshiping God in an informal way

our vision is to become

A 21st century worshipping church, which is God-centred, Bible-based and purpose-driven.

A loving church, spiritually deep and yet full of fun, heavenly minded and yet doing earthly good, relevant and yet prophetic.

A church passionately in love with God, where every member longs to bring His love to a lost and hurting world.

A church with a clear sense of identity, authority and purpose in Christ, where every member is confident, victorious and overcoming.

A loving, caring church, where the oppressed and broken hearted find new hope, healing and a sense of belonging.

A church of ordinary people living extraordinary lives, being trained, equipped and released into ministry.

A church impacting the villages and the nations, demonstrating kingdom values, doing works of service and moving in the supernatural power of God