About Us

We are Central within the broad worship traditions and ethos of the Church of England. We believe in holding the balance of Preaching the Word and Celebrating the Sacraments: 'Breaking open the Word of Life, and Breaking open the Bread of Life'. The first half of the service about listening to, celebrating and attempting to understand a little more about Holy Scripture, and deepening our faith in, and learning to follow Jesus more closely, who is as John's Gospel puts it, 'The Word of God'; the second half of the service is where we go beyond words into the sacred symbols that Jesus Gave us, as we allow ourselves to be nourished by God in the bread and wine that Jesus gave to us on the night before he died, as life transforming symbols of his body and blood. We teach that through our prayers and through the power of God, the bread and wine are transformed by the presence of the Holy Spirit, so that when we receive these gifts of God, we are having our spiritual batteries recharged.

Services are in contemporary Language. We don't worry if things go wrong in the liturgy - God has a sense of humour. We seek to be inclusive in our welcome to all ages and different life path stages, reflecting that Jesus met people on the way where they were at. We are a 'home for sinners and a school for saints', which means we almost certainly don't do any of the above as well as we should, but worship a God who's grace meets us more than halfway on this. In a village Church with limited but faithful resources, we try to be a church that provides ‘God centred space’ to many people who have far too much going on in their lives and need to stop and reflect on what it is to 'be still and know that I am God'.