Church Tower - 2022

The church tower will be open 1-4pm on Sunday 1st May.

People (minimum height 4' 7") who wish to climb the 133 steps can enjoy the spectacular views of the coast and surrounding countryside.

On a clear day you can see:

                  30 churches, 2 lighthouses,

                  7 water towers, 5 corn mills,

                  5 drainage mills, 3 wind farms,

                  Trimingham golf ball (RAF radar installation),

                  Bacton gas terminal

                  Reefs at Sea Palling

                 and the Cathedral spire in Norwich (approx. 16.5 miles away).

If you have a group that wish to climb the tower then please contact Church Warden Jacquie Askew on

01692 651429 or email [email protected]

Cost is £3 for an adult & £1 for a child