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The Church of St. Lawrence in Rosedale Abbey

In 1879 the Parish of Rosedale was created, and a vicar appointed. Up until then the west side of Rosedale belonged to Lastingham Parish and the east side to Middleton.

The mines have long since closed, but many people now visit the area. Rosedale has begun to expand again and the church has been renewed and restored.

In the 1970s the sanctuary area has been extended and two side vestries provided. The plaster was taken off the walls to reveal rough but beautiful stone. The floor was replaced and the pews re-positioned to provide a central aisle. These pews were the work of Robert ‘Mouseman’ Thompson of Kilburn and date from his early years before the famous mouse appeared on all his work. The restoration was completed in the 1980s by the placing of a screen to divide the church and create a space at the back which is used for meetings and Sunday school.

In 1984 Rosedale was made part of the United Benefice of Lastingham, which now includes the ecclesiastical parishes of Lastingham, Appleton-le-Moors, Rosedale and Cropton