Facilities and features


We have a separate building where toilets are accessible to everyone.

Parking is available outside the adjacent building. Limited parking is available outside the church for those who are less able.

Toilets in the adjacent building are accessible to everyone.

Fr Chris Probert (who leads the Leadership Team) is on the autistic spectrum, as are some others involved in the life of our Chaplaincy.

Limited amount of accessible parking is available outside the church

Flat entrance, wheelchair accessible.

We currently do not use books for our services, downloading and printing our own service sheets. We can print large print copies on request, or provide you with the means to do so.

Assistance Dogs
Dementia Aware / Accessible

Our Building

Our church building at Gratot: Hommeel is normally open for prayer during daylight hours.

Music and Worship


Groups, Courses and Activities

Courses are held in Lent and at other times.

We offer a library of English language books based in the buildings at Hommeel: see our monthly magazine for details of opening times.

Help for Visitors

Available in the Salle and associated rooms.

Other Features