About Us

The congregation initially met in the St Andreas Schlosskapelle in Cham and later relocated to the Chillemat centre in Steinhausen. More recently the Swiss Reformed Church on Alpenstrasse in central Zug has opened its doors to us. We are delighted to be building a stronger, more meaningful relationship with them - for example sharing their 1st August service on Swiss National Day.

Our clergy are based at St Andrew's Anglican/Episcopal Church in Zurich. The chaplain/assistant chaplain, comes once a month to lead the Eucharistic service on the fourth Sunday. Evening Prayer is led on the second Sunday by lay persons, except in the summer months of July and August.

There are 20 families and individuals on our membership list, and approximately 20 people attend worship on a regular basis. There is a weekly house-group that meets on Tuesday afternoons in Baar and a second group that meets once per month at Speck, Alpenstrasse, Zug for coffee. 

 In addition, there is a monthly meditation session in English on the second Wednesday of each month at the church. There are a number of annual events including a summer barbecue in June, a community walk and Harvest pot luck supper in the autumn, and an annual carol service in December. The carol service attracts a cross section of the international community in Zug.

The congregation is a mix of long-term Swiss residents, some of whom are married to Swiss nationals, and expatriates living and working in the area who come from English-speaking countries such as Canada, the Bahamas, the USA and the UK. We represent a range of church backgrounds, from most parts of the Anglican/Episcopalian spectrum - catholic to evangelical, and other denominations within the Christian tradition.

We welcome everyone, individuals and families with children, and residents and visitors.