About Us

St Mary Steps is one of the ancient churches of Exeter. It has a proud history, serving the West Quarter, a deprived area of the city which was demolished after the war when the inhabitants moved to better housing. Being built on the side of a hill means that it is only possible to enter by climbing steep steps, but once inside the church is beautiful and atmospheric. It benefits from a stunning West Window put in in the 1960s, and from an ancient clock on the tower. It is set rather away from the heart of the city, next door to 'The House that Moved' and while a great number drive past it, few would walk past it normally. But those who do come in are rewarded with a lovely building and a prayerful and inspiring interior.

St Mary Steps has a weekly 9.15am Mass each Sunday. There is also a 6.15pm Mass each Thursday and Evensong and Benediction are usually celebrated on the last Sunday of the month at 6.30pm.