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St Mary and St Peter

Message from the Team Rector Rev David Caporn

What seemed a few weeks ago as sudden and novel is now clearly going to become our normal mode of operation for some time. As I write I am aware that over the course of this lockdown we will encounter a variety of emotions and feelings which may be different at different times. Some may be welcoming the solitude that the disruption to normal routine brings whilst for some the pain of separation from loved ones is particularly painful and may mean missing particular events and milestones. I am also aware of some desiring some peace and quiet as they juggle work responsibilities whilst trying to school and entertain children.

As we continue to adjust to the new normal, the wardens and particularly the pastoral teams in our various churches have been working hard behind the scenes to enable ministry to continue through preparing online services, distributing worship material and news sheets, and keeping in contact with folk by phone as well as responding to various practical needs. It has also been a great joy to hear stories of people supporting friends and neighbours, embodying the fact that the church really is the people such that life as church continues even though the buildings may be closed.

For those with access to the internet do please look at the websites and where there is an increasing wealth of information including access to Sunday worship materials that have been prepared by the teams at Sidmouth Parish Church and All Saints’. A number of people have commented what a joy it has been to hear familiar voices!

The Church of England has prepared some helpful materials which can be used in support of individual prayer and we are distributing these electronically and in print form for those without access to the internet and I commend them to you.

Finally I’d like to encourage you to join the wave of prayer nationally at 7pm on a Sunday evening. This can of course be done individually but our curate Nigel Candelent will also be leading this over the phone each week.

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